Entropy Chapter 2, Invasion: Beta update

UPDATE 9/20 – Public Entropy server online.  Get the Entropy Invasion mod pack here on Technic!

Please help me test the new version of Entropy before I replace the existing Entropy with Chapter 2: INVASION.  If you do or don’t find bugs, but have suggestions or comments; please post a comment to me on Twitter (@glixyl), Discuss on Technic, my YouTube channel or on this blog.

Update 9/8/2014-Thanks to @72206 for reporting a monster spawner bug on Technic Discuss. It has been fixed.

To the end, I have released a new version of the Entropy BETA and a server as well.

Changelog v003:  Replaced all Liteloader mods with Forge equivalents.  Added some iChun mods such as ‘It fell from the sky’.  Fixed a sound bug that was crashing the client during storms.

ENTROPY: INVASION is a survival space horror mod pack with disaster and extreme survival aspects.  It is scary, challenging, beautiful and rewarding.  There are cyclones, tornadoes, land-slides, cave-ins, tree snags, thirst, aliens and predators, meteor strikes, Pigzillas and more!

Explore the Moon and Mars with your Tier 1 and Tier 2 spaceships.  Use Mekanism technologies to make realistic jetpacks, robot followers, ore processors, universal power conversion, balloons and other technical content.  Build a logistics and storage network with remote panels.  Harness and wield water, fire and redstone particles with your particle glove; unleashing streams of fire and redstone at your enemies, or use water particles to either shield yourself or levitate.  Make a hang glider!

Help the Marines and engage in firefights against the aliens, predators and other hostiles.  Feed a bat pumpkin pie to gain a follower that will gain experience and abilities from battle, as well as temporary night vision while held.

After zooming in with binoculars or a scope, use one of hundreds of guns, explosives, rocket launchers and other weapons against aliens and foes.  Make and drive a tank or jeep.  Fly a plane.  Pilot a titan!  Craft and wear Predator armor with a custom HUD.  Craft and wear Xenomorph armor that allows you to climb walls.

Visit the End for a expanded experience including new ores, dungeons and monsters.  Construct and operate realistic computers from the component level up.  Explore new villages and ruins that may have some surprises for you.

Dynamic light maps and shader-like effects (without the use of shaders), make Entropy: Invasion both beautiful and perform well, even on slower gaming computers.  SoundFilters add reverb in caves and materials block out sounds; making mining and exploration more realistic and immersive.

p.s.- check out dimension LV223 (-7) by using a LV223 portal, where I have been starting to add some custom world generation.  I have big plans for Entropy, so stay tuned for further news.

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