Prometheus Rising version 018 Released

The newest version of Aliens vs Predator: Prometheus Rising has been released to the Technic Launcher.


New features:

  • Dungeons: Ovamorph and Octohugger with custom chest loot such as ammo, weapons and diamonds.
  • Octohugger monster spawn.
  • Increased monster spawn to make it more consistent day and night, underground and above.

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11 thoughts on “Prometheus Rising version 018 Released

  1. Yo, Highbeam here again. Just thought I’d check in 🙂 Haven’t played in a few days after discovering a few other games. Just wanted to report that the underground lava lakes were spawning out of control (similar to upper lakes before). And overwriting already discovered chunks… Just so you know 🙂

    • Oh just another request if you get chance. Can you add a recipe for silicon somehow? (even if it’s just in MineChem 16 Silicon (chemical) = 1 Silicon Piece)

  2. So I have been hammering the game for the last few days. Expanded the ME network and got lots of things on automatic crafting, all for the soul purpose of being able to build a spaceship… This was necessary because I kept blowing up reactor cores but now I’ve got it down to a fine art. I merely have to carry the modems, cable, 4 lasers and 1 reactor core which I can now automatically craft quite quickly.

    Reactor Cores are apparently quite easy to blow up due to the need for the Advanced Computer to always be running. If you log out, the computer turns off. Then the next time you log in the reactor quickly goes supernova and explodes with fire and fury… I’ve blown up about 8 reactors so far now!! The trick is to surround the reactor with Industrial Glass and it will contain the explosion should it occur, only taking out the cables, medium lasers and reactor core. So far I haven’t found a way to restore or keep the Advanced Computer running when you log out. I even tried the Chunk Loader, still no luck.

    So, spaceship built, we went on an adventure in to space. Setting our jump position to maximum height a few times, we entered space. After losing most of our lives suffocating in space because the air generator wasn’t in the right position, we were in space! (Also now figured out how the warp helmet and air canisters work…) …and then we discovered half of the ship materialised inside an asteroid… Fortunately most of the components were intact but a lot of the hull of the ship had become spacerock. Very disappointing start to space exploration after leaving varda… My recommendation here: Make a very small exploration ship to start with and then clear the area for larger ships… Or maybe fix the entry area of space? HOWEVER, read on…

    So the second major setback with space in this mod appears to be how the hell you get out of it, and the big question is; how do you travel to other worlds (like back to the Overworld??). We tried to descend back down from space, but it said we were Outside of the planet boundaries, the planet boundaries are from -10000,0,-10000 to 10000,255,10000. Since we were pretty much at 0,0,0 I don’t see how that is possible. Even falling from the ship just killed us and respawned randomly outside of the ship.

    After increasing the size of the ship to 1200, we entered Hyperspace and warped to 12000X to try again. We got the same message as before, so we warped back again. Still no go. We tried descending and ascending only to hit max/min heights but still wouldn’t let us exit space… Which is a shame because if I personally can’t get back to the Overworld, it’s the end of the adventure for me.

    Fortunately I did build some teleport plates in the ship and base. So I was able to teleport back to Varda. But the teleport plates on the ship reset when you moved the ship making them useless until picked up and put down again (but strangely they still appeared as an option to teleport to). When you tried to teleport to the defunct teleporters on the ship (from Varda), it would teleport you to Varda spawn point. We had to make another little rescue ship, get back in to orbit and recover the main ship/fix the teleporters.

    So all in all it’s been a pretty good adventure so far. I hope you can advise on what to do now we’re in Space and specifically how to get out of it again? Otherwise, thanks for all the work and we’ll look forward to the next one 🙂

  3. Oh and one other thing to note. Space is very boring. The space rock’s are all the same made of stone and cobble only. From videos I’ve seen, I was hoping for all kinds of weird objects, lots of ores, gas clouds, derelict ships, suns etc. Even the dense asteroid field appears to end after about 300 blocks leaving nothing but empty space to explore.

    • i need to add chapter 2 with space content and content on LV-426. i have a full time job and have only released chapter 1 so far sorry. hoping to have chapter 2 out sometime this year. also may be updating to Minecraft 1.10.2 as AVP mod is updated this Spring

      • No need to be sorry mate, it’s very nice so far 😉 Thanks for the work. I guess there’s no way to reach the Overworld then afterall? 🙂

  4. I was naughty 😀 You disabled Nether Portals so yea that doesn’t work. In op, I couldn’t figure a TP command out that takes you to the Overworld… However, if you point at your feet and type /setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:portal then hey presto, in the good old nether with a portal that will return you to the Overworld. Where upon I went in to fly mode spawning hundreds of facehuggers to take over humanity [insert evil laugh here], or at least convert a few horses until the server died for some reason… oops.

    Again, thanks for the work and good job on the game 😉

    Few comments on the overall game:

    I like the balance, it’s well done after the patches. Still I think Silicon could use a fix/recipe (pulverise dust to silicon or minechem 16 silicon vials) or something so that working towards an automatic base is possible. Lithium decaying on the AvP can be a pain for ME crafting as it doesn’t get recognised by the recipes but I see that as part of the challenge in creating ME automated networks. Setting up an automated nether star production was a bit tricky but it’s possible!

    The enemies are pretty well balanced. When in the opened at times I’d be surrounded and running for my life. I never really encountered much in the underground cave networks though where I would expect it to be pretty dangerous. Are there facehugger eggs that spawn? Would be interesting to see, at least if you get close they open and give you time to run away!

    Looking forward to the next adventure 😉

    • I am working on an update to address your feedback Highbeam. Busy week at work though so it might be over the weekend. I will look to increase cave spawns as well. In chapter 2 I will add LV-426 and possibly Paradise from Covenant – maybe Overworld, but that is most likely chapter 3. I will be updating this pack to 1.10.2 after AVP mod is updated, so working by myself it will take some time. Will also be using mods to make temples and marine bases on LV-426, so that will be a lot of work as well.

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