ENTROPY: INVASION on Technic – BETA client version

Happy Labor Day for those of you who are celebrating it today.

As a salute to Labor Day, I decided to release a BETA version of the ENTROPY: INVASION client to the Technic platform.

My son and I have tested the mod pack and it works on our MacOS computers as well as Windows well.  If you want to try it out, go to it’s Technic page under an alternative account I made.  This version will replace the current version of Entropy on Technic after it is stable and a few more mods are updated to Minecraft 1.7.10.  A server will be released soon with the next version.  A few mods will also be added to the next version most certainly, so treat this as BETA software please as IDs may change as well as mod functionality.  Please post bugs to the Entropy: Invasion discussion page located on the Technic mod pack tab.



Survival space horror and disaster mod pack with a fast pace and even faster action!  Earth has been invaded by Aliens and the environment is unstable.  Fight the invading horde, or head to the Moon or Mars and establish a base there.  Maybe even take the fight to the Xenomorphs or their creators?   

Alien vs Predator, thirst, disasters such as landslides, cave-ins, tree snags, cracking ice, falling meteors, storms with hail, cyclones and tornadoes.  Features space travel, guns, bombs, mechs, planes, tanks, more realistic computers, jet packs, generators, reactors, ruins to explore, a pet bat, and much more!

In addition to dynamic and advanced lighting effects without the use of shaders, ENTROPY: INVASION features advanced sound filters which provide reverb in caves as well as muted sounds when behind materials and sound deadening.  I tried to design this mod pack so that slower computers could use it.

:Mobs, Food and Animal Changes:
Xenomorphs (many types including ranged attacks and summoners), Facehuggers, Chest Busters, Predator, Marines.
Squid drop raw squid, sheep drop mutton, chickens shed feathers occasionally, fried egg, carrot soup.
Pet Bat – feed a bat pumpkin pie and he will fight for you and give you night vision when holding him.

:Weapons and Armor:
Aliens vs Predator guns, grenades and marine, xenomorph and predator armors.
Particle man glove with redstone, water and fire powers including ranged attacks and shields.
Flan’s mods modern weapons, WW2, Nerf, Titan, ye olde packs inculding planes, tanks and more.
Ropes, Grappling Hook, Zip Line
Meteors mod tools and weapons including magnetic/freeze armor.

:Evironment and Structures:
Localized Weather and Storms mod – wind storms, hail, blowing leaves, particle clouds, cyclones and tornadoes
Ruins mod, Galacticraft, Aliens vs Predator
Copper, Tin, Steel, Titanium, Aluminum, Osmium and other ores
Oil generation
Falling Meteors mod
Applied Energistics storage as well as Bibliocraft storage

OpenComputers with OpenComponents – realistic modular computers.
OreConverter tool

Mekanism Generators and Tools including jet packs, reactors, balloons, energy cubes, solar and wind power.
Ender storage
Voxelmap with very good cave and dynamic light mapping

Galacticraft – the Moon and Mars!

NOTE: Minecraft 1.7.10 is notoriously difficult to work with, but I decided to give it a go.  I cannot add most mods that you may wish to add because of compatibility issues with many 1.7.10 mods.  If you do have an idea though, please don’t hesitate to make a suggestion.

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