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Welcome to the Prometheus Rising Wiki.  Below is the first page of the quest book which describes your quest as well as the whole quest tree.  You cannot see most quests in-game until you unlock them through a system of progression.  Prometheus Rising uses a system called Hardcore Questing Mode, which starts the player with 3 lives and awards additional lives for completing quests.  If you happen to lose all of your lives, your save game will be erased forever; so be sure to work on the quests as soon as possible as they will also teach you how to survive the hostile environment of the moon LV-223 (Varda).  Varda is located more than 39 light years from earth and that requires the use of a faster than light (FTL) spaceship, such as the one you serve aboard- as the ships science officer.


(above: first page of quest book.  below: all quests shown)


As the ships civilian science officer (and crew in multiplayer or LAN), you are adept at many sciences including chemistry and computer science.  You as the player must learn and use these sciences, and many more, to survive and eventually escape LV-223 (Varda).

As you complete each quest and its associated tasks, you will be given a choice to receive either a partial heart (life) or an item.  Most of the time, it is wiser to take the hearts; but sometimes you will want to take the item reward for one reason or another.  For instance, if you like the idea of making your own village of humans on Varda; you would want to take the villager spawn eggs reward for the quest called “Let There Be Light!” (Lumium crafting quest) instead of the 3/4 heart.  In the same way, Earth animals don’t spawn on Varda so you will need to either take the spawn eggs as quest rewards (once you reach that quest) or try to discover alternate ways of creating those Earth resources.


  • Hydration – the water on Varda is not fit for drinking and must be purified through boiling in a furnace or cauldron.  You may find ponds on the surface that contain water or you may need to dig in open areas to find large caverns of water.  Right click your water bottle in the water to fill it.
  • Air Quality – the air on Varda is only breathable while on the surface or in the vicinity of trees/leaves.  While mining, you will need to craft a Respirator and air filters so that you can breathe for long periods of time underground.  Another alternative is to carry logs and leaves with you and set up ‘breathing stations’ underground while mining.  The use of torches, furnaces and the proximity to lava will also quickly deplete air quality in an area.
  • Starvation – food on Varda is scarce, so you must quickly master the art of fishing by locating silk worms among leaves by crafting and using a ‘crook’.  You can left click the crook into leaves of any tree to find these silk worms.  The quest called “Teach a Man to Fish” will illustrate how to fish.  Developing agriculture is also possible once you get some seeds from using a sieve (you can use a hoe on the Varda dirt to directly turn it into farmland).  Locating parts of your ship will also yield food such as cookies, milk and snack foods.
  • Weather – High wind, hail and tornadoes are to be avoided; but do not destroy blocks.  Be careful as a strong gust of wind can carry you away or smash you against the rocks
  • Fire – torches burn flammable materials within a few meters range of them.  Be careful where you place them
  • Mutagenic Black Goo – these pools and rivers of black liquid have unknown, presumably negative effects



  • Hammerpede – snake-like creatures typically found close to the Engineer’s Ampules and the mysterious black goo
  • Deacon – originally the product of an Engineer impregnated by a Trilobite, these monsters are very fast, can climb vertical surfaces and charge at you
  • Xenomorph Drone – can be found in cave systems below ground
  • Trilobite – looks like an alien spider and has a leaping attack.  watch for these things leaping down onto your head from above
  • Atheon – these flying creatures look like black goo infected children of the ender dragon and will swoop down at you and other creatures from above.  They have a long reach, so use ranged weapons to defeat them if possible.
  • Yautja (Predator) – deadly and fast, these hunters want your head as a trophy
  • Beserker Yautja (Mr. Black) – a boss Predator
  • Engineer – mysterious beings that were the reason for the Prometheus’ original mission
  • Space Jockey – variant of the Engineer species
  • Goo Mutant – humanoid that has been infected by the black goo and has a special attack so careful to not let them touch you
  • Deacon Shark – this creature hunts the underwater caverns of Varda
  • Octohugger – these parasites will drop down and attempt to impregnate you with a Belugaburster
  • Ovamorph – these are egg sacs that can be found below ground in cave systems.  Destroy them before a facehugger spawns from them and impregnates you!
  • Belugaburster – this creature recently burst from another monster or players chest and will become a mature Belugamorph in time. These creatures will attempt to run away from other hostile monsters and from the player.
  • Belugamorph – these aliens are the adult form of the Belugaburster


  • Varda Trees – trees dot the landscape and produce wood like regular trees would
  • Geodes – geodes are found everywhere on Varda and contain valuable minerals, as well as the mysterious black goo
  • Copper – most commonly found ore, located at all altitudes on Varda
  • Bauxite (Aluminum) – commonly found ore
  • Silicon – found underground below 64Y – (as of version 019, you can now make silicon with minechem on a crafting table)  
  • Lithium – found only below 48Y.  After refining, lithium becomes unstable
  • Earth, Nether, End Resources – Earth resources such as redstone, gold, lapis and other materials can be gained by using a sieve (follow the quest book) by sifting materials such as dirt, gravel, sand and dust.  Craft a Hammer to crush cobble into gravel, gravel into sand, sand into dust.  Sift the dust for rare resources, or use it to create new materials in a composting barrel
  • Earth materials such as iron, coal and diamond can be mined deep underground, but remember to bring a respirator or setup vegetation underground to replenish your air supply.


  • Prometheus Rising incorporates the use of NEI (not enough items), which allows the player to see the recipes by typing the name of the item they want to craft into the bottom search panel of the inventory screen (‘E’ key).  For instance, type the word crook into the inventory screen search box to learn the recipe for the crook; which is used to search leaves for silk worms in one of the first quests.
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