About Glixyl

Glixyl – Java coder, Minecraft mod pack and server maker since 2012.  For my Twitter visit > https://twitter.com/glixyl

My YouTube channel> http://www.youtube.com/user/glixylpoussin?feature=watch

Salem123412 – Salem is the server owner, admin and moderator for 7 DayZ to Mine and Glixyl’s Entropy and is a senior staff member.  He is a great player of Minecraft and knowledgeable about many aspects of mods, current exploits and servers in general.

CallyStints – Server owner, admin and moderator with mad building skills.

Dev_ill – Maker of Dev_ill’s Modernized and many structures for Glixyl’s Entropy, 7 DayZ to Mine.




20 thoughts on “About Glixyl

  1. I’d just like to say thank you for this excellent modpack, it really makes Minecraft feel complete. I’ve set up a server for myself and a few friends, and found it very easy to get the server files where they should be and set up everything clientside thanks to the clear instructions and cool installers included. I’m trying to get around all the modders involved and donate a bit for all their hard work, but there are so many haha! I’ll get there eventually.

    Again, thanks for putting this pack together :).

  2. hey glixyl i love the mod-pack and you are so good at making then you should make another one when you get a chance 🙂 i am dieing to see more of your content

  3. HEY GLIXY,it’s gamer8872 love the mod pack and all but just add timber mod it chops down the whole tree with one click or well breaking th eblock of wood of the tree other people would probly like it too

  4. Hey Glixyl me and my friends been wondering if there was anyway that someone could find a way to host an adventuretech server kinda like a minecraft server that is easy to run and host so friends could play. We love playing ADT but it is so hard to play multiplayer since we have to play on LAN. Is there anyway you can help?

  5. Hi Glixyl i love your mod packs there pretty different but i was wondering if posible could i get you to come on my servers teamspeak =] we need a 2nd mod pack for our servers and after seeing these packs am interested in asking you to maybe make it. not private ofcourse your more than welcome to put it up. just what we want i feel no other pack can offer us

  6. hello this is Black_Cat333 Glixyl love the mod but we need help the spawn from natural cause of Meteor needs extreme repare and i died at least 200 times more or less just trying not to fall down the hole in the main spawn
    please can you have it fixed

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