Glixyl’s Entropy getting a Soundtrack

The new version of Glixyl’s Entropy will be getting a new soundtrack, courtesy of Path of the Particle. PotP has made many of the enhanced AVP sounds in both the official version and my derivative of AVP mod.

5 thoughts on “Glixyl’s Entropy getting a Soundtrack

  1. is there a reason why we can’t change the seed? I like the modpack, but I don’t want to be restricted to the same setting.

    • if you delete the mod called CustomMainMenu from the /mods folder, you can remove the seed. beware though, mobs may spawn on you when you start a new game. also Entropy 305 out with a new sci-fi horror ambient soundtrack

  2. Hey man I played your modpack a while ago, but recently wanted to replay it. But it keeps crashing right away and says something about a mod being a more updated version. Im honestly not too savvy with mods so I cant figure it out. idk if your able to check it out in your spare time id appreciate it. Hope im not buggin yea and have a good day!

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