Glixyl’s Entropy being updated to Minecraft 1.12.2

I have tried to update Glixyl’s Entropy many times in the last couple of years. It never was possible because of mod availability, but recently all this has changed and enough of the mods in Entropy have been updated to Minecraft 1.12.2 or replaced with new mods of similar functionality. I have been experimenting and profiling a new build of Glixyl’s Entropy and wanted to share some screen captures of the progress, plot information, and timing for release. If you aren’t familiar with Entropy, you can watch quite a few people playing it over the years on YouTube.


Some landscape mutating into LV-233 (left). Bldgs/bridges/roads generate procedurally (right)

Here is the plot:

David, the synthetic life form created by Weyland Yutani corporation, wasn’t headed to establish a new colony on Origae-6 at the end of Covenant. Instead, he ends up heading to Earth, where he continues the genetic experimentation started on Paradise (where he created the Xenomorphs). David possesses powerful Weyland Yutani terraforming technology, which he uses in combination with the Engineer’s Black Mutagenic Goo to transform Earth into his own twisted laboratory. You must master this challenging landscape if you wish to survive for very long, not to mention the storms, land slides, cave-ins and attacking Aliens and monsters.

(check out this interesting article on IGN for Alien background information/speculation)


LV-426 Acheron terrain is home to many Xenomorph varieties (Drone pictured here)

As always, Entropy is a physics/disaster/space sandbox first, a mod pack second. I am not too worried about people becoming overpowered, or using supposedly overpowered mods, because I am going to throw a lot of chaos at them. Also some of the technical progression will require unlocking lower tier technologies before being able to build higher tech ones (unless you just want to cheat a bunch of tech and weapons in and blow everything up, which is a perfectly fine way to play Entropy)


Bridges, roads, and tunnels connect cities to each other (overgrown highway shown in distance)

In Glixyl’s Entropy, there are realistic block physics, tornadoes, dust storms, cyclones, space travel, computer programming, robotics, thirst management, guns, helicopters, planes, trains, automobiles, Aliens, Predators, Engineers, all kinds of modded monsters, dynamic sounds and post processing effects, a realistic fishing system, and just a whole bunch more.

A Trilobite stalks it’s prey in the LV-233 Varda Badlands

When will the new version of Entropy be released? My best guess is that the beta version arrives before Spring at


A Giger inspired Alien flies from its LV-233 biome, searching for food in the city


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