7 DayZ to Mine


There are a lot of zombie apocalypse modpacks for Minecraft out there that stylize themselves after DayZ, Fallout or 7 Days to Die.  I decided to throw my hat in the ring and make what I hope you will think is the best version for Minecraft that has been made; complete with abandoned cities, houses, ruins that have roads and custom loot generation such as guns/ammo.  7 DayZ to Mine is still a work in progress, but soon there will be a public server as I think the interest will be there.  Here are some screenshots of my progress so far.. and by the way we are on the trending mod packs list; install, play and ‘Like this Modpack’ please!  Also please leave feedback for any mods you would like to see in 7 DayZ to Mine.



When you start out in 7 DayZ to Mine, you will have the following items:book – related to tinker’s construct mod, useful

crowbar – for self defense

glass bottle – for a portable water source

torch – actually lights up the environment when you hold them

medkit – can heal a good amount of health three times

trail mix – dried food for the road which heals a lot of hunger

You need to keep yourself warm, but do not overheat. Keep hydrated by drinking fresh cool water, preferably from a stream.

Explore and salvage ruins for guns, armor and other items. Craft new weapons, armors and vehicles!

45 thoughts on “7 DayZ to Mine

  1. So I just downloaded the server and the mod pack, and the server works great says my friend. But when I try to play the modpack it just closes out and sends me back to the launcher. I have tried all the versions of the game(didnt work) and I run the game on a Mac and it says that it should work. This modpack looks really cool, and i really would like to join my friend. please help

    • would you mind going to pastebin.com and pasting your crash log into pastebin, then sending me the link? I test on MacOS Yosemite and 64-bit Java 7.. hrmm

      • Is there any way to fix it? I’m having the same problem he is and I really want to play this

  2. i have a bit of a problem after i start playing the game keeps saying out of memory even though i have essentially EVERYTHING turned off all back ground programs and everything else that is not needed to run minecraftand after a while of that it just shuts down and wont start back up unless i make another world and after 3 worlds getting nothing done i am greatly dissapointed any way to make it stop running out of memory cause i will admit this computer is a little old *going on 2 years* but i am certain that is not the problem. *just started playing today*

      • nope just 1 gig BUT i started messing around with the launcher a bit before falling asleep *vaguely remember what i did* and i shall see if that helps btw you MIGHT wanna move the single player recommended setting is realistic alpha to a more visible spot i caught that just before i made the fourth world so lets see how that goes now

  3. Can you please ADD A TUTORIAL OR BASIC GUIDE??? This is so frustrating! There are so many good modpacks that you’ve made but there is no point of playing if I can’t even figure out how to use basic items! Give a book on spawn if you can’t code a tutorial! Something!

    • There will be a book in your inventory with the next release. This mod pack trended so fast that I haven’t been able to keep up. I am reworking the game mechanics and loot tables currently as well as structure generation. Will also have forums that will contain a guide as well as other content, such as bug fixes and suggestions from my staff and other players. For your questions now, I am using Railcraft, Tinkers Construct with Mech Works (adds drawbridges), ComputerCraft, Flans mod and various zombies and undead. Stay out of cold biomes and desert biomes if you want to stay alive, especially if you do have have armor on.

  4. SO F*CKING GOOD i rate 10/10 for the modpack sadly i kinda….Got banned….again because i used mods.But i only used them cause i got raided twice and im sick of mining and that so i used xray. im SORRY and could i get unbanned please cos i love your modpack

    • For that many players, 6-8GB of RAM should be plenty if you restart the server once a day or more. However, more RAM will keep it more stable. You can also use ~3GB of RAM if hosting costs/plans are a problem; just prepare to restart it more often and to have more problems with memory leaks.

  5. Just wanted to say Glixyl you’ve done a great job with this mod. It is the only minecraft thing I still play. Keep up the awesome work.

    • the pack is using many mods that require 1.7.10 still. what parts of minecraft 1.8.9 do you like? i would prefer to wait until 1.10 has more mods since many mod makers are waiting to make the jump.

    • I don’t have time or resources to run a server at this time sorry. I would love to be able to do that, but my former provider isn’t giving me server space anymore.

  6. Oh okay. ;(. I’ll really miss it. I did really well on it. I miss all my friends, Abneagr14, HuskyWolf, ben. So many friends lost. Well, thanks anyways for the fun time I had while it lasted a while ago.

  7. Thank you for making this modpack I enjoy it so much. Please keep up the good work! I hope to see more updates in the future. 🙂

    • no sorry. you would need to download the server and host your own. used to be a server, but it was expensive to stay online and not many donations

    • Thanks for the feedback Paparuse. However, I don’t have a server for that pack running now. They are expensive. However, you can download the server and host it on your home network in a way that your friend can connect to you from his house. The server download link is on the Technic Page for 7 DayZ to Mine

  8. Hello! I was trying to run this modpack and it would hide Technic, pretend like it’s doing something, and then Technic would reopen. Just like a lot of other people here, I’d like to play but it’s not launching. Please provide help.

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