Entropy: Chapter 2, Invasion Public Server and Update

UPDATE 10/15/2014 – We’ve had over 600 players join the new Entropy server.  In the evenings (US time), there are a good amount of people on so come join the fun.  I also changed block physics stability for modded content to be more sturdy on client and server, hopefully making building on space stations and asteroids much easier.

Good day everyone,

Today I am happy to announce that my mod packs will now have public servers to play on.

We are starting with the new version of Entropy for Minecraft 1.7.10 as the first server.  Come and play in this PVP environment with, or against, your friends and strangers.  Update your Technic Entropy client or download it on the Technic platform at http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/entropy-by-glixyl.72573.


To play on the server, select it from the multiplayer server list within the Entropy client.

The rules are PVP = ON, difficulty = normal (but with aliens assume hard), spawn camping = ban

The servers will be lightly moderated and very difficult, so you should probably team up with other players more than kill everyone you see.  The Xenomorphs will have killing all taken care of for you 🙂  Soon I will be looking for moderators and potentially administrators to help both manage the servers and extend the mod pack (details coming in a new post on ideas/teams to extend the ruins and planet systems with AvP content)

Read the book I have put in your inventory to get started in single player or on the provided server.


-I want my old Entropy version back, where is it?  ANSWER: select version 023 in the Entropy mod pack options in the launcher and it will revert to the MC 1.5.2 version of Entropy.

-Why doesn’t the new Entropy version have the same mods as the old one?  ANSWER: not all of the mods are available between Minecraft versions.  It wasn’t possible.  The new version of Entropy is based on code that is more than 1 year newer (Minecraft 1.7.10).

-Why is there less technical mods in this version?  ANSWER: actually, there are more mods in this version; but they are balanced more between cosmetics, technical aspects, environment and an element of subtlety.  Too often mod pack authors try to jam WAY too much content into things.. I am looking for this version of Entropy to be polished and faster paced; more akin to a sandbox.

-Will you release a downloadable server for the new version of Entropy?  ANSWER: yes once the current battle over Bukkit/CraftBukkit/Cauldron has resolved, otherwise I will need to distribute a non-Bukkit version; which will operate fine but not have plugins.

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