Howto: Install Technic Packs for Minecraft

In this article, you will learn how to install the Technic Launcher for Minecraft; which is a free download and is safe to use.  All you need is a valid Minecraft account and a PC running Windows or a Mac.  Linux is also supported if you are so inclined.

To start, visit and pick your operating system.


Once you have downloaded it, find the downloaded file.  Should be called ‘TechnicLauncher.jar’ and be in your Downloads directory on both Windows and Mac.  Double-click the file to launch it and install using the default settings.


Then, login using your Minecraft username and password.  (newer Minecraft accounts may require you to use your email address as your username)


Once you login to the launcher, it will open and you can navigate to the Modpacks tab at the top of the launcher by clicking on it.

screen-shot-2017-03-05-at-9-41-12-amIn the search box in the upper left, you can look for packs by name or by metadata.  For instance, when I type the word Alien into the search box we can see the top 3 mod packs with Alien content (all three are made by me btw).


Select the pack you want and click the Install icon on the lower right.  In this case, I picked Prometheus Rising; which is a space horror adventure experience set 54 years after the movie Prometheus.  I recently remastered it in expectation for Alien: Covenant being released May 19th.

Once the pack is installed, click the Play button on the lower right of the launcher and enjoy.

Links to my modpacks on the Technic Platform:

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