I was reading the discussions section on the Entropy Technic page and came across a lot of feedback from people wanting bug fixes, an update and a public server for Entropy.

Although Dev_ill and I have been working on a new version of Glixyl’s Revenge based on Minecraft 1.7.X+, we have gotten stuck waiting for some mods to update to 1.7.10.  We decided that an update for Entropy wouldn’t be too hard now on MC1.6.4, so we decided to work on a new Entropy that is already turning out to be quite polished and stable on our test server; soon ready for final testing and production.

We call this new version ENTROPY: INVASION.  Here is some footage of testing in both single player and on our private server.  Dev_ill and I will do a little Let’s Play as well and will be looking for people to help us play test before releasing this new version in mid-September.  We are also contemplating running our own private server for Entropy, which will most likely be hard-coded into the launcher for go-live.

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