Revenge2.0.8 update

Client updated to fix bugs in the change logs of many mods, some of which said ‘fixed server crash’.

Public server will be released soon and is current map(s) compatible.  I don’t plan to break maps for Revenge 2 if I can avoid it at all because of the immense grind it entails to fully tech up in all of the scientific disciplines.

4 thoughts on “Revenge2.0.8 update

  1. Hey Glixyl!, Love the Revenge 2. Fantastic mod pack, any idea when IC2 will be updated to get rid of the mass console spam that bogs down many a server? I know you don’t dev IC2 and I don’t expect you to fix this issue by any means just asking if you have any insider info on when it will be fixed? Cheers

    • As a matter of fact, there is a very recent GregTech update (yesterday afternoon) that helps this somewhat and fixes a GregTech divide by zero error. As for IC2 112, ETA unknown 😦

      I will be keeping updates going as I know of yet more unsolved bugs in some of these mods.. ahh minecraft 🙂

    • That mod is not the greatest for server administration, protection, etc. I prefer the MyTown, aPerf, PermissionsEX, ModifyWorld, RecipeRemover that I am using as I know it works much better than Fihgu to protect a server from griefing. MyTown supports ranks, ingame modification and other things that are practical as well as including world border by default for stopping people from mapping/boating server server to death.

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