Revenge 2 and AdventureTech Status

In the coming days I will release client and server versions of both AdventureTech and Revenge 2 (with server mod protections, ranks, etc) for all of you to host and play on your own.


When I look in my email box the most common request is that I keep my client/server releases up-to-date for the public.  Since joining AegisGaming I have tried to focus on larger server play and have learned quite a bit from the experience and am thankful to Aegis!

What does that mean for you??  Instead of waiting for Aegis users to get a first shot, you will be able to download here as soon as its ready.  It also means that I will have more time to focus on creativity and getting features out instead of watching servers or waiting for the launchers and/or host to be fixed.

I feel strongly now that both Revenge 2 and AdventureTech can stand up against the big boys now such as Feed the Beast and Tekkit Lite for both content and stability, even on large servers.  I would even bet money on that, at least for the theme and features part 🙂

I have added server protections against all of the mods contained within the packs, so you can feel safe hosting a public server.  I also feel that I have combined the mod packs in such a way that they are both a unique and distinct gaming experience, apart from any other Minecraft offering out there – expect this trend to continue!

5 thoughts on “Revenge 2 and AdventureTech Status

  1. Its sad to see you go, but atleast i got to chat with you a bit on the adt aegis server. I honestly hosted a server of yours for me and my friends first and later decided to try the most updated version on the aegis servers, but now that their release will be the same release i can get to host i will most likaly just play thier aadt and host a revenge 2 for me and my friends :}. Ramble ramble lol anyway was cool to meet you!

    • Thanks Shakalu it was nice chatting with you as well. Aegis is a great community, but I was working really hard to make my mod packs shine; only to have them smeared on the production floor by the neglected launcher. I will be working on another distribution channel besides ‘manual install’ in the coming days and am already working on a ‘working’ solution that should be easy to adopt – and one that will hopefully reach out to MacOS users; who are getting kicked by Apple because of thier non-support of Java.

  2. Glix, dunno what’s going on with Fantasy craft, I’ve tried manual install and install off the Java Aegis Launcher and none seem to be working, the Java launcher gives me a loaded white screen in minecraft and nothing else, the manual install gets upset with the Thaumic Bee’s mod… stuck :-/.

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