Aegis Launcher – Glixyl’s Mod Packs Online

The good folks over at Aegis Gaming have the latest versions of both AdventureTech v1.0.1 and Revenge 2.0.8 online within their Aegis Launcher once again.  Thanks!

Get the launcher at

The server IP is hardcoded into the launcher for ease of use.  Town protections that stop mods from destroying land are in place for all registered citizens and group chat, local chat, trade chat and more are available for nation building and more.

2 thoughts on “Aegis Launcher – Glixyl’s Mod Packs Online

    • check the bottom of the Revenge 2 page. I have done a minor update that helps with server console spam, but is fully 2.0.8 compatible with existing clients/maps/etc. also the world border is now working properly and I have updated the permissions and protections mods and configs.

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