Revenge 2 and AdventureTech Mod Pack Comparison

A lot of people ask me why I make certain choices for my mod packs and/or don’t have all the mods that they themselves would have liked to put in them.

The simple truth of the matter is that there is only so much resources on a server or client computer to take advantage of.  There are mods like Buildcraft that add machine complexity such as quarries and those eat server resources.  Mods like Mo’Creatures need to manage lots of artificial intelligence/entities and are hard on a server as well.  The third type of mod is world generation mods like ExtraBiomesXL and those can lag a server during chunk generation (exploring the map).  To get the right mix for any hope of performance you need to try to balance the three types of mods out.  Besides resources, another problem is mod conflicts such as entity spawning getting altered in such a way that another mod cannot work with it properly.

For both mod packs, I am looking to have both a high-level of mod integration and a general theme.  Put simply, Revenge 2 is mostly science, AdventureTech is mostly fantasy; however both mod packs share a common set of core tech mods.  Both packs need to be difficult to play, or they are not worth playing in my opinion.  To explain some of my thoughts while making these mod packs, take a look at this grouping for your own understanding:

REVENGE 2: (heavy on machines/science/entities)

World gen- RP2 world, ExtraBiomesXL, Coral Reef, Forestry (bees), Pam’s Flowers/Crops/Mushrooms/Melon/Clay/Berries, IC2/BC3 ores/oil/rubber, Nether Ores

Entities– Mo’Creatures

Machines/automation- RP2, MineFactory Reloaded, BC3, IC2/GregTech/AdvMachines/AdvancedPowerMgt/AdvSolars/GraviSuite/MFFS/Transformers/backpack HUD/nuke control/, Greg’s Lighting/Prospecting, Factorization, Liquid Metals, MineChem, MorePistons, CC/misc. peripherals, EE3, Thermal Expansion, wireless redstone, Steve’s Carts 2, Forestry/Extra Bees

Misc- Balkon’s Weapon Mod, InvTweaks, Treefeller, Smart Moving, Pam’s HarvestCraft, status HUD, Rei Minimap, Optifine, NEI+addons, Secret Rooms

AdventureTech: (heavy on world gen/entities/magic)

World gen- RP2 world, Thaumcraft 3, ExtraBiomesXL, Coral Reef, Forestry (bees), BC3, Biomes o’ Plenty, Witches and More, Wild Caves, Nether Stuffs, Twilight Forest, Necromancy

Entities- Witches and More, Thaumcraft 3, Animal Bikes, Twilight Forest, Necromancy

Machines/automation- RP2, BC3, Railcraft, Necromancy, Thermal Expansion, Steve’s Carts 2, ThaumCraft 3, Forestry/Extra Bees/Thaumic Bees, Portal Gun, Harken Scythe  (*maceration of ores is possible using Thermal Expansion pulverizer)

Misc– Asgard Shield (blocking and great sword wielding), Treecapitator, Obsidian Pressure Plates, Double Door,  Backpack, InvTweaks, Secret Rooms, Balkon’s Weapon Mod, status HUDs, Optifine, Rei’s Minimap, Smart Moving, NEI+addons, Jammy Furniture Mod

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