AdventureTech – Remade

Although AdventureTech was playing decently on small servers, there were some issues with some of the mods on larger servers.

I have been waiting for many mods to catch up to MC1.4.7 for AdventureTech, but I am certain there is no way to keep a map intact from 0.8.5.

For that reason, I have completely redone AdventureTech with a whole new set of MODS:¬†MoreVillager + Logic Addon (make your own villages, even underground that villagers will inhabit), Animal Bikes, NetherStuffs, Railcraft, Forestry 2/extra bees/thaumic bees, BC3/logistics pipes/thermal expansion, RP2, Witches and More, TC3, Twilight Forest, CraftGuide, Asgard Shield + many addons, Necromancy, Harken Skythe, ExtraBiomes XL, Biomes o’ Plenty, Wild Caves, Coral Mod, Portal Gun,Secret Rooms mod, IronChests, InvTweaks, Rei’s minimap, SC2, WeaponMod, Jammy’s Furniture, Backpack, obsidian plates, optifine, FML, recipe remover, double door, town system, border patrol and more..

(Dwarven Caves Texture Pack 64x is featured in video)

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