Aegis AdventureTech “Prepare for Doomsday” PVP Tourney – 11/29 – 12/21

We are running a PVP tournament at Aegis where griefing of structures and players is allowed.  I want to test the new mods, user craft-able locks and region protects by having a building/gathering contest under pressure.

Some things that make this PVP tournament more fun than others IMO:

1.  The goal is to build things and gather, but under pressure with griefing/raiding outside the spawn zone allowed.

2.  You cannot lose gear on your person such as armor, weapons and your locks/keys/teleport stones.

3.  The judges will vote (starting 12/16 and ending 12/21) and the players will receive items/prestige when the PVE environment map reverts to current PVE.

4.  You can focus on strictly winning, or messing up someone else’s day.  The goal is to test this mod pack and make it better; for which you will rewarded if you win.

5.  If it gets too out of control and/or the server can’t handle things, I will go to the PVE map and back to the drawing board.

2 thoughts on “Aegis AdventureTech “Prepare for Doomsday” PVP Tourney – 11/29 – 12/21

    • yessir the PVE environment is offline for a while now to PVP. the winners of those contests will receive nice benefits on the PVE server. same server ip in the launcher, but new v0.6 version with 50 mods (also available with better graphics)

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