AdventureTech v0.6 Preview and v0.5 Public Release

I plan to release the AdventureTech server and client auto-installer on the Minecraft 1.4.2 platform (v0.5.4) after I roll out v0.6 to the Aegis production server.

Aegis AdventureTech v0.6 is in testing on the Minecraft 1.4.5 platform and now has 48 mods (almost twice as many as in v0.5 or Feed-the-Beast), for an experience quite a bit different than anything you have played.

Check out the video of this testing and check back here for the public server release on the current production platform.

In general, I plan to release public versions of AdventureTech a major revision behind the Aegis version; rewarding players that are willing to help me test.

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