FFL 2012 – Glixyl’s Mechanism for the win!

UPDATE 12/23/2012: I finished first in the regular season, taking the transactions fees for all adds/drops/trades.  Also I came in second for the championship, giving me the second place prize winnings.  So close to winning (4 points), but in the end I had a RB1 early-game injury and the humiliation of my San Francisco 49ers defense stop me from clinching the cup.. I still won more cash winnings than anyone in the league so I will take that.

I don’t watch much sports and/or keep up on players, so I was reluctant to join my neighborhood league for American Fantasy Football when I was invited by family friends.

As this was my first year playing fantasy football, I allowed the computer to do some picking while I quickly verified my players on Google.  For the name of my team, I picked ‘Glixyl’s Mechanism’ of course.

The beginning of the season was bumpy, but after a few weeks I started to pull ahead in score.  We are now in week 14, the final week of the regular season and I am in a good spot headed into the playoffs.  These guys are seasoned players and football junkies, so I think this might have more to do with beginner’s luck than skill; but hey I will take the win and the money if I can 🙂


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