Glixyl’s Crate – Public Servers in a Post-ForgeBukkit World

Lots of people have told me that I couldn’t host a public server without using Bukkit.  For those who aren’t aware, Bukkit is at the heart of almost every Minecraft public server you have played on.  It is a workhorse and has an amazing plugin library developed and extended over years.  The problem is that if you want to use Bukkit with Forge mods nowadays (such as Mo’ Creatures and IC2), you are pretty much stuck on Minecraft 1.2.5.  People like md5 are trying to keep the flame alive for ForgeBukkit, but that project is way behind schedule and mostly abandoned.

When I joined, it was assumed that I would have to wait until a new Bukkit was released or host my Revenge server with just basic spawn protection.  I thought.. To hell with that, and got to work reading, talking and collaborating with others to allow my mod packs to be hosted on larger servers.

Glixyl's Crate - Bukkit-like technology

Glixyl’s Crate – Bukkit-like Technology

Glixyl’s Crate is the result and I have integrated this suite of mods into the AdventureTech server to provide many of the features of Bukkit; while being able to stay on the latest version of Minecraft and have access to all the coolest and cutting edge mods.


-Locks and Sharing of blocks and regions

-Block protection

-Warp, Summon, Multiple Homes, Spawn

-Server Lag Detection (per world) and for each player

-Recipe Blocking, Encrypted passwords and IP checking for account security

-Command Block integration for fire control, mob de-griefing/etc.

-Better multi-threading for server and per world tick per second.

-User crafted keys, locks, regions (coming soon)

Come check out AdventureTech by using the AegisLauncher and connecting to our server.  Glixyl’s Crate will be at the heart of my newest version of Revenge as well of course.. which I plan to begin work on soon.

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