AdventureTech Storyline and Status

UPDATE: 11/5/2012 – You can play the open beta of AdventureTech on our new Aegis Launcher that auto-updates and also contains Mo’ SMP v3.4 and Hack/Mine (with awesome server for hack/mine too).  Please register at as it is free and we are a non-profit gaming network.

Get it here>  The server IP is coded into the launcher so join in on the fun.

Since joining forces with AegisGaming, I have been able to both put AdventureTech into our new launcher and test it quite a bit on my private server.

We have found a few bugs and I have corrected for others.  Aegis will be releasing AdventureTech to a larger audience in the very near future (possibly this weekend).

Aegis is a non-profit gaming organization that I joined to help promote Minecraft as a positive gaming experience for people of all ages.

To test the server under load, I will only be releasing the client through our Aegis Launcher for now; which will auto-update for you.  That auto-installer will have the server coded into it so that you can both install and play without hassle.

For now, here is the storyline video that shows some of the boss monsters, beasts, crops, trees and new items, ores, fossils, dinosaurs, weapons and armors that make up the AdventureTech universe.  Grow a beanstalk and climb to the sky, make a rain wand and so much more!

We have big plans for AdventureTech and will be expanding and adding content as time goes on.  For now I have frozen the product so that it can be properly tested under user load.

If you want to help in that process it would be useful.

Thank you,


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