AdventureTech, the new nature, beauty and creativity mod pack

The mod prototype shown in the previous post now has a name and is being tested.  I have spent some time comparing my mod pack Revenge to the current king of the hill, Tekkit.

This time around, I am going for a completely different look and feel with very different objectives.  Beauty and diversity of plants with a focus on exploration and adventure.  There is a protection system for locking regions and chests, home/spawn/player teleport and summoning.

I have released the mod pack to many beta testers and so far they are having a lot of fun.  Take a look at simultaneous gameplay on two YouTube channels of the same action; from different perspectives.

I had this mod pack working in the new Aegis Launcher, but then Minecraft 1.4.2 was released yesterday and it broke the Spoutcraft launcher so we will have to wait a bit longer for it.. in the meantime I will continue to keep you updated.  Look out for the official release of Mo’ SMP v3.4 client and server pack as early as tomorrow!  (I have added some cool stuff to Mo’ SMP that I feel you will like as well as a shader version including the best eye candy such as dripping/bump-mapped blocks)


17 thoughts on “AdventureTech, the new nature, beauty and creativity mod pack

  1. Hi Glixyl,
    Was able to have a small go on AdventureTech last night, got to say it’s awesome thus far :). I haven’t got very far into it yet, but hoping there is some machinery mods to be added in the near future (if not already in there).



    • Thanks Edreak. I am working out a couple of bugs with it now and trying to make it as stable as I can. There are machines for crushing ores and such, but the focus is on survival, exploration, questing and mining. Most machines that exist so far are used to make better ores or extract XP or other properties from things that are mined and or won from bosses; both in this world and in other dimensions– and yes you heard other as I plan to have many dimensions and quests in this pack. I wont have it become Tekkit tho– that is what I have Revenge for.

  2. Thanks for the Reply Glixyl, I was wondering how you were going to tackle the dungeons. Obviously once a player or group of players have conquered a dungeon will it stay cleared out? Or are you planning on giving it a refresh timer? I can picture cleared out dungeons for miles if there wasn’t a refresh system in there some where.

    Also I had noted with Millienaire when it spawns in towns doesn’t care in there is a dungeon in the way or not, my only experience with this so far is an Enderman dungeon being cut in half with the Dark Lord Enderman roaming free around town, chasing my poor butt down into the lords bed chamber to be slaughtered.



    • You must expand out from spawn and/or go to other dimensions where bosses/dungeons spawn. There is a warp system that is multi-dimensional so its no biggie I think.. I want people to explore

  3. As there isn’t a daunting tech tree and there are other dimensions (with more coming), don’t sweat that too much. I can open up a warp a million miles from spawn and call it warp.whatever and allow people to start over again.. also i can reset a dimension to achieve the same effect.

    bad news- millenaire crashes the server verified.. was making things unstable and everyone was doing their best to glitch it. 😦

  4. Hmm did notice Millenaire was missing while in SSP, the little village up the hill from my man cave is missing some rather important parts… namely the walls of the buildings lol, along with a bunch of rather confussed roaming villagers..

    However I’ve noticed Twighlight Forest and the Analyser tend to be missing, is this a temporary removal?

  5. Twilight Forest isnt missing. mod fossil was unleashing giant dinosaurs on the server so it had to go. also the ancient swords in the fossil mod were bypassing PVP and striking players. You can just install Millenaire 3.1.8 from the mod author and install.

    I made AdventureTech for Aegis and am focusing completely on multiplayer for this pack. If you are in SSP, elemental creepers wont spawn and mobs wont fill the nether. You can config the SpawnConfiguration.txt file and put whatever entities you want in there (found in the world save).

    • lol, what a shame I would have loved to been chased down by a giant dinosaur would of been hilarious… oh well like all things in life the best laid plans never survive contact with the enem… err player base :).

      Only in SSP atm due to not being able to get on the server when I get home from work :), so it’s just to tie me over, also it’s coming in useful learning about Metalurgy 2.. not sure if it’s where my home is in SSP but Iron is rather rare now, although the best place to find it would be in the Twighlight forest where there seems to be abundance of it.

      I can definately see the exploration side of it, and really I can only talk for myself, but I like to operate from a base of operations, and have resources on hand to armour myself up to take on other things, which does limit exploration a bit as you never want to go too far from home in fear of not being able to get back… I guess a way to get around that kind of mind set would be to have a sort of mobile base, an item like Alchemy bags where you can store vast amounts of gear, then again this causes an issue for when you die you loose everything, unless a no inventory loss on death mod is used… pro’s and con’s really to both sides.

      Anyhow I’m enjoying it thus far :).

      • 😦 servers not up… are you running it at certain times and down for maintenance at certain times? I’m definitely using the right server address.

      • Yes is is. The server has been online since Sunday Edreak with only a few minutes of downtime since launch for restarts and not a single crash event. I re-started the server at 10:46 pm last night for less than 2 minutes and it has been online since then according to my screen session (I also was on it at 4am too so I know it was up). If you are using the launcher and the address in the multiplayer menu, then you are at the right place. Try waiting a couple of seconds before clicking connect because it is a protected server and it has to negotiate/handshake first before allowing connections.. see what I mean by giving it a second or two once you get into the menu and it will turn green.

      • Thanks Glixyl, have tried all of that numerous times over this week evenings and my launcher can’t find the server, comes up as it not being available :(. Not sure what’s going on there, I asked in the PVP server if anyone else could see it up Dbl (investor+) came back saying it was down to him also, might be a problem for Volg to look into :-/

      • Thanks Glixyl :), it’s taken an hour to clear out the stuff around my house, there is still tonnes of it around though… sorry to bug you in game about it.

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