AdventureTech Open BETA is live

It is day two of AdventureTech open beta and I have already fixed all reported bugs and believe that the server is stable for the most part.  So what are you waiting for?

BUG FIXES: Smart Moving is now less likely to turn you around on accident.  Crystal tools now have proper durability.  Ore crushers give the proper dust output.  Naga scale crafts properly and there is a new splash screen panorama.

LAUNCHER  >  (or go to Aegis website to find the .exe version if you need that for Windows for some reason)



Twilight Forest >

Smart Moving >

Metallurgy 2 cheat sheet >

Metallurgy 2 wiki >

ForgottenNature blog >

MorePlants >

Secret Rooms >

Elemental Creepers >

Legendary Beasts >

InvTweaks >

Commands: /help, /lock, /unlock, /share, /warp and more


One thought on “AdventureTech Open BETA is live

  1. hey glixyl! 🙂 Is it possible for you to provide a client and server download for this amazing pack? Because out of us 10 friends who play minecraft only 5 of us have the original one. Please and thank you 🙂

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