Beautiful and Deadly Prototype Mod Pack – Launcher News

Good news.. the day is finally approaching when you can use a Technic-like launcher to both install my mod packs and keep them up-to-date.

Aegis Gaming ( has built a launcher to house my mod packs and I have  recently packaged Mo’ SMP v3.4 into it.  Currently I am working on putting Revenge in there as well.

Aegis will be unveiling this launcher to the public soon.  In addition to being able to play on their awesome Hack/Mine and Tekkit servers, you will also be able to play Revenge and Mo’ SMP– maybe even the prototype mod pack I spend some time showing to you in the video below.  Thanks and check back soon for updates related to both the launcher and mod packs.

(the Mo’ SMP v3.4 update is also available on the download page here with a server release this week.  I added a few mods to it that you may like such as smart moving, ropes+ and dungeon pack as well as a new light-weight texture pack)

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