Glixyl joins the Aegis Gaming Network

Hello everyone,

I have joined forces with a non-profit organization called Aegis Gaming Network.  We share a vision of Minecraft advocacy and a love for modded content.

Glixyl’s Revenge mod pack is our first target for the launcher and a Aegis server hosting Revenge and perhaps Mo’ SMP will be made available eventually.

Spitfire25565 of Gamemode5 has been covering my mod packs for a long time and he is a great guy to boot!   He interviews Volgarenthor of Aegis Gaming and I about my mod packs and Aegis’ plans.

Also Spitfire25565 is considering doing a full video series about Glixyl’s Mo’ SMP with members of the Minecraft community.  Perhaps you will even see me drop by if he selects this as his Let’s Play series.

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