Mo’ SMP v3.4 PREVIEW / Aegis Gaming and a new launcher?

If you are looking for the download of Revenge client, please visit the downloads tab and get the Lite version unless you have a monster graphics-processing workstation.

I am proud to announce the upcoming point release of Glixyl Mo’ SMP v3.4 client and server!  Check the video below for both Revenge and Mo’ SMP eye-candy and some features you may not have seen before!

Also I visit Volgarenthor from Aegis Gaming Network, who is running a Revenge test server… so I made a stupid looking house at his world spawn and show some of the advanced graphics features recently packaged in ultra.  Check out the wet bricks, stone and wooden objects. The god rays and other features are also cool.

Aegis Gaming Network and I decided to team up together to feature Glixyl’s mod packs within a new easy-to-use launcher similar to Technic/Tekkit.  Aegis Gaming Network is a non-profit organization that believes modded content is the future of Minecraft.  I share that belief and we will be doing our best to bring premium servers for the community featuring my mod pack(s); which Aegis has offered to help optimize and better suit a larger server environment than I had originally intended.  Onward and upward I say!

CaptainRob already announced the unofficial news>

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