Faithful Candy – Bump mapping, reflections, wet blocks, night vision effects, god rays OMG!

UPDATE: please visit the downloads page to get the Lite client version of the mod pack if you have a older and/or slower computer.

I don’t like to release two blog articles on the same day, especially since we just released our new trailer for Glixyl’s Revenge and because I also just released a new version of the Ultra client today called Faithful Beauty with waving leaves and wheat (in addition to shader-adjusting the Faithful 32x texture pack).  This also fixed a rendering/crashing bug related to tessellation that took me some time to track down that fixes problems with certain terrain such as jungle biomes with the ultra client at times.

What does it matter that it is all happening at once?  Check out ‘Faithful Candy’, the experimental eye-candy version of the Ultra client.  When it rains, blocks look wet.  At night, the color drains from the landscape until you approach light sources.  Blocks are bump-mapped.  God rays shine brilliantly down on you (can be a little much at times) and there might need to be a sunglasses mod to compensate 🙂

NemPavz sent me a link to a video showing the features of SEUS V10 RC5 and I had to make a client derived from the Faithful Beauty client today so that people could play with it themselves.  One very cool aspect of this Faithful Candy Ultra client release is that it fixes the issue where your hand or item in your hand was washed out/white.  Now the items look perfect.

<Experimental Download> << requires a very fast computer and video card, but is cool to play with.  If you want something more practical, get the Faithful Beauty version instead in the downloads section as it is the most stable Ultra client available for Revenge.

***** NOTE: You must disable ‘Threaded Optimization’ by setting it to off in your graphics control panel or you will get flashing blocks and it will be annoying.  This is from my Nvidia control panel.  It may be called ‘OpenGL threading’ in other panels.  You can disable it for just minecraft and java.exe, but the preferred setting is to change it globally as I have done in the screenshot below.

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