Faithful Beauty – Revenge with Waving Leaves, Wheat and Fire!!

More than one person has requested that Faithful textures be part of my mod packs, but I was never much of a fan until I added all the mod patches to Faithful32x for the Lite Client last week.  Faithful 32x, for those that aren’t running the Lite version of Revenge, has the look and feel of default minecraft; but at the same time has the beauty that high-definition textures bring to the game.

After playing with a Revenge-modded Faithful 32x texture pack, I quickly longed to have my water shaders back and other features in my Ultra client.  I couldn’t locate a shader-adjusted version of Faithful 32x, so I used the Gimp (open source/free graphics editing program) to replace the default water blocks with magenta and transparencies.  The result was amazing to me and I love the fact that now my mod pack can look and feel the same, regardless of the client version.

But that wasn’t enough.  I have been wanting waving leaves, grass and fire with my Ultra client.  The good news is that I was able to add all of those waving features and still have water shaders in the same Ultra pack.  Watch the video below for the result which I hope you will love as much as I do.  (If you want to try MAtmos environmental sound, it is also included in the .minecraft directory for an in-place optional install- read the readme file).

**REQUIRES A POWERFUL COMPUTER WITH DEDICATED GFX CARD> The Ultra client has been repackaged in a special download with all the shader eye-candy enabled, a multi-threaded Optifine and with the Faithful 32x shader-adjusted texture pack.  Download here or on downloads page>

***** NOTE: You must disable ‘Threaded Optimization’ by setting it to off in your graphics control panel or you will get flashing blocks and it will be annoying.  This is from my Nvidia control panel.  It may be called ‘OpenGL threading’ in other panels.  You can disable it for just minecraft and java.exe, but the preferred setting is to change it globally as I have done in the screenshot below.

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