If you like the song Lights by Ellie Goulding, I am sure that you will love this video celebrating the launch of Glixyl’s Revenge UPDATE3.  This mod pack was designed to be larger, more dangerous and beautiful than Tekkit and Technic; while adding plenty of animals, birds, monsters, machines, quests and exploration to your Minecraft!  An easy-to-use auto-installer is available as well as a ready-to-run server; one download for Windows, MacOS and Linux!

The loot tables for Battle Towers have been altered for towers newly spawned.  Each floor’s chests get a chance of having 1-2 new random items that I have picked for their usefulness in decoration or function.  Examples are permanently lit furnaces, grass blocks and sponge.

Subscribe to my newly redesigned YouTube channel to follow my updates.  If you didn’t already know, everyone with a Gmail account also can login to YouTube with the same account.

NemPavz, Dev_ill and WDzXStudios all helped big-time with the trailer, testing and by highlighting mods as well as some PVP for the camera.  This is the Bassnectar remix of Lights to be concise, which NemPavz suggested.

All texture packs contained within the Lite, Standard and Ultra clients are shown.  For the list of mods and the download of Revenge UPDATE3, visit the downloads page.  Hard link for the Lite client>

I am planning a Halloween/Christmas Adventure map making and texture pack editing contest.. think of Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas so let me know if that interests you because I think that Revenge will make a great Adventure sandbox due to the crazy shaped blocks, machines and mob spawners available.  Make a castle in the overworld that leads to a fortress in the nether populated with wraiths, cave ogres and maybe your charged Tesla coils?  Booby-trap puzzles with ComputerCraft logic and password controls.  With RP2 and all the rest of the mods, the possibilities are almost endless.  If you have ideas on how to build  upon this idea, please comment or message me on YouTube or WordPress.

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