Captain Rob’s Glixyl’s Revenge Series – UPDATE3 released and polished

CaptainRob, Spitfire25565 and friends did a video series on my mod pack from our test server.  Below is the playlist which Rob published today.

Also I have unofficially released UPDATE3:  check the downloads page for more.  UPDATE3 has EXTRA BEES which adds ectoplasm, lightning bees and mob spawning bees!  NemPavz fixed a NEI addon problem with UPDATE2 and suggested that I use a Faithful 32x for the Lite version and I think you will like the more polished result and the mod support.  The release is backwards compatible with UPDATE2 servers so don’t sweat on updating the server if you are not ready.  (the worlds/maps will generate the new hives on unexplored chunks after patching).

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