Revenge Test Server Exploration and CaptainRobGaming Fly-by in Ultra

UPDATE 10/7: Check the downloads page for the UPDATE3 of the Lite, Standard, Ultra and Ultra Deluxe clients and are more polished than UPDATE2.  They are backwards-compatible with the UPDATE2 server so you don’t have to worry about users not being able to connect.  Once your users have updated, there is a server patch to UPDATE3 on the downloads page as well.

We have found and fixed a couple small issues in the mod pack that will make it into the release to be called UPDATE 3 to avoid confusion.

NEI_RedpowerPlugin version adds the NEI recipes to the client and you can add it to your /mods folder if you want that now.  Thanks again NemPavz.  Identifying bugs on this blog or my YouTube channel will help make the final product much better.

Also please point out any texture addons you know about that you would like to see in the Revenge final release.

Here is a video I took this morning showing many features of Revenge UPDATE2 such as a Millenaire bandit tower, volcanoes, THX Helicopter flying, the Ultra Deluxe client with all the eye-candy enabled, MAtmos addon, a fly-by of CaptainRob’s base from his video series as well as a ComputerCraft demonstration showing StarWars Episode 4 in ASCII on my wide-screen floor-to-ceiling monitor at my blast-resistant cliff side manor!

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