Revenge multiplayer mod pack has more mods than Technic single player?

UPDATE 10/7: Revenge now has Extra Bees!

I have been watching some videos about my mod pack and that made me think, “I wonder if my multiplayer mod pack is actually larger and has more features than Technic single player and/or other single player mod packs?”.  My first instinct told me that couldn’t be possible due to the fact that single player mod packs are much easier to put together and Technic is a whole team of people..  I am just one guy with a 7-year old play tester.

Technic is the most famous single player mod pack and is brought to you by the same people who put together Tekkit.

Check the tally for yourself, Revenge SMP vs Technic SSP.  How is that even possible??  Where the mods differ, I placed a ‘/’ between the mod names in the mod list column.

MOD LIST   Glixyl’s Revenge SMP Technic SSP
Client – MC1.2.5 Auto-Installer SpoutCraft launcher
server backend Vanilla Modded single player only
THX Helicopter Yes N/A
IndustrialCraft 2 v1.97 v1.97
IC2 force fields Yes Yes
IC2 nuke ctrl Yes Yes
IC2 compact solars Yes Yes
IC2 adv machines Yes Yes
BetterWorldGen3 Yes N/A
Mo’ Creatures v3.6.2 w/config v3.7.1 (hard mobs don’t work in this SMP version/buggy)
RedPower2 +wireless red PR5B2 +wireless PR5B2 +wireless
BuildCraft 2.2.14 + a-pipes 3.1.5 SSP-only a-pipes
BC- power conversion* Transformersv1.3 PowerConverters
BattleTowers / Thaumcraft Battle Towers Thaumcraft
Equivalent Exchange 2 v1.4.6.7 v1.4.6.7
RailCraft v5.4.7b v5.3.3
Balkon’s Weapon Mod v8.6 v8.6
ComputerCraft + ccSensor 1.41 1.33
Millenaire / Mystcraft Millenaire Mystcraft
Ropes+ elem. arrows 1.2.5 N/A
Forestry  extra bees N/A
Nether resources Netherrocks Nether Ores
IronChests Yes Yes
Mod Macros / Somnia Mod Macros / World Anchors Somnia – does World Anchor in SSP
Rei’s Minimap v3.2_05 v3.2_05
InvTweaks – Enderstorage v1.41b +ender.s v1.41b +ender.s
DungeonPack / Steve’s Carts DungeonPack Steve’s Carts
MAtmos Sound r12 optional due to bug Yes
NotEnoughItems Yes Yes

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