Glixyl’s Revenge UPDATE2 – PR2 RELEASE!

I am happy to announce the release of Glixyl’s Revenge UPDATE2.  This is the final pre-release, which I am releasing for help in testing.  There are many new mods in UPDATE2!  Thanks to NemPavz for his suggestions for how to improve upon and polish the pack.

Glixyl’s Revenge – Current version UPDATE2 pre-release 2  – Minecraft 1.2.5 based, but the mod pack usually will install over 1.3.2 (use Nostalgia if you need to revert)

MODS: THX Helicopter mod, ComputerCraft 1.41, EnderStorage, ccSensors, compact solars, RedPower2, Wireless Redstone chickenbones edition with addons, BC additional pipes, advanced machines, Transformers v1.3 (BuildCraft power conversion), Forge API 3.3.152, mod_macros/keybind,immibis core, Not Enough Items with addons, Forestry, DungeonPack, Railcraft with addons, Battle Towers, Buildcraft, Mo’ Creatures v3.6.2, Millenaire, IronChests, Balkon’s Weapon Mod, nuclear control, modular force fields, EE2, Ropes+, ChickenCore, InvTweaks, Netherrocks, Optifine, Sphax64x texture pack modded for Revenge,BetterWorldGeneration3 (DEFAULT and Large Biomes only), Rei’s Minimap with configurable LoginMessage, CustomMobSpawner, HD texture addons for various mods.

Lite Client Download UPDATE3> <<suggested version for most computers and users, faithful HD textures with light-weight resource requirements.

Standard Client Download UPDATE3> <<Enhanced version of the client with more texture packs including Sphax64x modded for Revenge.

Ultra Client Download  UPDATE3(requires 2GB RAM allocated to Minecraft)> << very beautiful with water shaders, but requires a powerful computer with a dedicated graphics card

Server Download UPDATE3> <<NEW UPDATE 3 server release with Extra Bees and tweaks!

Server Patch to UPDATE3, Extra Bees v1.2.1– put in server /mods folder and restart server> extra bees 1.2.1 server mod file >>

-Ultra Client contains dynamic light, shadow and water shaders as well as shader-adjusted texture packs to choose from; in 128x,64x,32x and 16x!  (for powerful gaming machines only).  Try the JohnSmith32x texture pack if you have performance problems with the Ultra client default settings.

NOTE: If you have problems with the auto-installer, please follow the manual install instructions contained within the download.  OR- Use Minecraft Nostalgia to downgrade your minecraft installation to Minecraft 1.2.5.

INSTALL:  It is assumed that you understand the basics of using a computer and backing up/restoring files.  I do not take responsibility if you delete your computer on accident.

  1. Start with an untouched copy of Minecraft 1.2.5/1.3.1/1.3.2/etc.  NOTE** If you have a modded Minecraft client, you can also just erase your .minecraft folder after backing it up; then use the Minecraft launcher to get a fresh copy of Minecraft.  The Minecraft game files are located in %appdata%/.minecraft
  2. Extract the contents of the downloaded file.  This is usually done by selecting the file and right-clicking to select ‘extract the contents to a directory..’, depending on the operating system and program for decompressing.
  3. Run the program called ‘Glixyl’s Revenge Installer’.  This is usually done by right-clicking the file and selecting (on Windows) ‘Open with->Java(TM) Platform SE Binary’. (or just double-click it)
  4. OPTIONAL – It is best to use 2GB of RAM with Minecraft due to the amount of mods in Glixyl.  <click this link for information about how to allocate more RAM to minecraft>
  5. **If you are using the Ultra client, you MUST use a SEUS adjusted texture pack (like the one included) or the lighting and colors will be broken.


  • Extract the contents of the downloaded server file.  Launch the server with the included .bat script for your version of Java.  If you have problems starting the server, please search for how to setup/run a server for your operating system or environment on Google.
  • Because of the large number of mods in this pack, there may be a potential for a conflict or two.  I have tested in SMP for a couple of weeks, but bugs are probably hanging around that I don’t know about.
  • ANIMAL LIMIT IS SET TO 50: Good news, Ostriches shouldn’t be able to lag out a server with this set in the configuration file– However, ostriches are not possible to stop from spawning, even though I have the server config set to frequency of 1 (0 doesn’t work either and 1 seems to work best).
  • For making the Revenge server scorching fast, try using RAMDISK>

KEYS: Y is exit helicopter.  Z descends, space-bar ascends helicopter.  Left-shift dismounts horse/mount.  The F key switches IC2 tool mode and jet pack hover mode. M key opens mini-map options.  The C key charges EE2 items.  J is village key, B is quest key, V is related to EE2 items.  The E key and ‘options’ menu control NEI and allow OP cheat, recipe or utility mode.


1.  Many people are having issues installing over Minecraft 1.3.2 using the auto-installer.  If that happens, use Minecraft Nostalgia to revert your Minecraft to 1.2.5 and it will most likely work.  Or, follow the manual install instructions I provide in the auto-installer directory.

2.  Interacting with certain Millenaire mod vendors can crash your client.  This is a problem with the mod according to>  I can verify that certain Hindi villages caused this problem for me.

3.  Teleport tethers are disabled.  Use RailCraft World Anchors instead.

4.  IC2 personal safes can be used, but can only be moved/destroyed by an OP in gamemode.

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