Glixyl’s Revenge – UPDATE 2 – Coming Soon

Revenge UPDATE 2 is being tested currently.  The final list of mods:

THX Helicopter mod, ComputerCraft 1.41, EnderStorage, ccSensors, compact solars, Forge API 3.3.152, mod_macros/keybind, immibis core, Not Enough Items with addons, Forestry, DungeonPack, Railcraft with addons, Battle Towers, Buildcraft, Mo’ Creatures v3.6.2, Millenaire, IronChests, Balkon’s Weapon Mod, RedPower2, Wireless Redstone chickenbones edition with addons, nuclear control, modular force fields, EE2, BC additional pipes, advanced machines, Transformers v1.3 (BuildCraft power conversion), Ropes+, ChickenCore, InvTweaks, Netherrocks, Optifine, Sphax64x texture pack modded for Revenge, BetterWorldGeneration3 (DEFAULT and Large Biomes only), Rei’s Minimap with configurable LoginMessage, CustomMobSpawner, HD texture addons for various mods.

This update 2 will not break your worlds or save games for existing Revenge servers.  Watch the video to see the ultra version of the client with light and water shaders.  I actually get better at hitting things with the helicopter rockets this time!  Check back here or on my YouTube channel for the upcoming release of UPDATE 2, which should be within the next few days if no major issues are discovered.


1.  Many people are having issues installing over Minecraft 1.3.2 using the auto-installer.  If that happens, use Minecraft Nostalgia to revert your Minecraft to 1.2.5 and it will most likely work.  Or, follow the manual install instructions I provide in the auto-installer directory.

2.  Interacting with certain Millenaire mod vendors can crash your client.  This is a problem with the mod according to>  I can verify that certain Hindi villages caused this problem for me.

3.  Teleport tethers are disabled.  Use RailCraft World Anchors instead.

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