DungeonPack v6 and Revenge Update – Server Admins Read

UPDATE – 9/14/2012 – I have released Update 1 for Glixyl’s Revenge Server only.  This allows DungeonPack v6 to run at all times without known issues with Treasure Dungeons.  <click here to download>.  I have replaced the normal server download links with update 1 version.  If you want to update, follow the instructions below to patch your server or copy your ‘world’ file to the new downloaded server as well as copying and pasting your /mods/millenaire folder in the server directory to the new /mods/millenaire (overwrite).

If you run a Revenge mod pack server and have enabled the DungeonPack v6 mod by putting it in the server /mods directory, you should disable the Treasure Dungeons until Stuuupiiid releases the update for his mod.

To do that, change the setting in the file named DungeonPackConfiguration.cfg to Generate treasure dungeons=0.  This file is found in the server /DungeonPack directory.

The good news for those who DON’T have DungeonPack enabled now is that changing that setting should make running DungeonPack no problem now.  Once the next version is released, I will post a link and you can drop it in your server /mods directory.

From the author of Dungeon Pack himself:

“September 11th
At the time Im cleaning the code and fixing some bugs…
I think the next update will be available in the next week…

The treasure dungeon is currently buggy.
Maybe it will ruin your world so pls disable it until the next version is out.”


I came upon this problem myself in testing, which is the reason I left it out of the /mods directory in the release version, but in the server directory, so people could use it if they wish.  It didn’t ruin my world though.  All I had to do was delete a player’s .dat file; which purges their inventory.  Not a big deal unless you are in a quantum suit or something.

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