Glixyl’s Revenge -vs- Tekkit: How do they compare?

UPDATE 10/7: Revenge now has Extra Bees!

I made Glixyl’s Revenge to fill a space in the modding community that I saw wasn’t being addressed.  I wanted a technical mod pack that was also very dangerous to justify the end-game content.  I wanted customized questing, land, air and sky animals and monsters to fight.  I wanted to add cool gadgets not found in Tekkit to set it apart.  I didn’t want most players just to sit around and feed their machines like I used do to in my former technical mod pack and also when I ran a Tekkit server.  To cover all the content in Glixyl’s Revenge, you will need to search the skies, oceans, forests and plains of your Minecraft world to locate villages, new dungeons and other structures.  I didn’t want to use Bukkit because some mods haven’t been ported to Bukkit and didn’t want to limit this pack and/or deal with conflicts caused by others running/needing Bukkit plugins to be compatible with my mod pack.  In short, I wanted to control the variables and provide a somewhat polished experience for end-users to just have fun and play with friends.

This side-by-side comparison shows the differences between Revenge and Tekkit, but also illustrates how they are similar and should be easy for Tekkit players to adapt to Revenge quickly.  Although they are similar, none of Glixyl’s Revenge was derived from Tekkit itself; nor do they share any configuration files, clients, launchers, servers, block or item ids.

MOD LIST   Glixyl’s Revenge TEKKIT 3  
Client – MC1.2.5 Auto-Installer SpoutCraft launcher  
server backend Vanilla Modded CraftBukkit w/addons  
THX Helicopter   Yes   N/A    
IndustrialCraft 2 v1.97   v1.97    
IC2 force fields Yes   Yes    
IC2 nuke ctrl Yes   Yes    
IC2 compact solars Yes   Yes    
IC2 adv machines Yes   Yes    
BetterWorldGen3 Yes   N/A    
Mo’ Creatures v3.6.2 w/config N/A    
RedPower2 +wireless red PR5B2 +wireless   PR5B2 +wireless    
BuildCraft 2.2.14 + a-pipes
  2.2.14 + a-pipes    
BC- power conversion* Transformersv1.3   PowerConverters    
BattleTowers 1.2.5   N/A    
Equivalent Exchange 2 v1.4.6.7   v1.4.6.5    
RailCraft   v5.4.7b   v5.3.3    
Balkon’s Weapon Mod v8.6   v8.6    
ComputerCraft + ccSensor 1.41   1.33    
Millenaire v3   N/A    
Ropes+ elem. arrows 1.2.5   N/A    
Forestry  Extra Bees   N/A    
Nether resources Netherrocks Nether Ores  
IronChests Yes   Yes    
Mod Macros / keybind Yes   N/A    
Rei’s Minimap v3.2_05   v3.2_05    
InvTweaks / enderstorage v1.41b +ender.s   v1.41b +ender.s    
DungeonPack v6   N/A    
MAtmos Sound r12 optional due to bug Yes    
NotEnoughItems Yes   Yes  

* The IC2 1.97 compatible addon called Transformers v1.3 is superior to Tekkit’s PowerConverters due to fixing the 20% power loss in that mod and other issues.

Teleport Tethers from BC Additional Pipes, which are used to keep chunks loaded, are disabled due compatibility with Forge 3.3.152.  Just use RailCraft’s World Anchor block or rail cart instead.

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