Dev_ill and Glixyl Play REVENGE – Tekkit-like Mod Pack with much more!

Dev_ill and I play some Glixyl’s Revenge on a private server.  We end up getting beat up pretty bad in this first episode.

If you want to get this release for yourself, <click on this link>.  If you want documentation about the mods and video tutorials, <click on this tutorial link>.

MODS: Forge API 3.3.152, mod_macros, immibis core, Not Enough Items with addons, Forestry, Railcraft, Battle Towers, Buildcraft, Mo’ Creatures v3.6.2, Millenaire, IronChests, Balkon’s Weapon Mod, IC2 with nuclear control and force fields, EE2, Ropes+, ChickenCore, InvTweaks, Netherrocks, Optifine, SummerFields 32x-modded for Revenge (both SEUS and standard version), BetterWorldGeneration3 (DEFAULT and Large Biomes only), Rei’s Minimap with server-configured LoginMessage.txt, CustomMobSpawner, HD texture addons for various mods.


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