Glixyl’s Revenge SMP mod pack – Tutorials and Documentation

Glixyl's Revenge SMP mod pack for Minecraft


UPDATE 9/29: check the new ‘docs and tutorials’ tab above. 

There are so many mods contained within Glixyl’s Revenge (click here for release page/downloads/install instructions) that I thought I should provide some documentation besides the list of mods.  To get the ball rolling, I decided to post links for YouTube tutorials and/or links to documentation.  Bookmark this page as I will update it.  Glixyl’s Revenge is a Minecraft SMP (multiplayer) mod pack with a downloadable auto-installer and one-click server that has been tested on Windows 7 and MacOS.

Ropes+ and Ultra Client / Sphax 128x modded with SEUS-adjusted light, shadows and water shaders.

Millenaire –

Battle Towers –

Netherrocks –

Buildcraft –

Not Enough Items –

Mod Macros / Keybind –

Forestry –

IC2 –

IC2 Nuclear Control –

IC2 Modular Force Fields –

Railcraft –

InvTweaks –

Balkon’s Weapon Mod –

IronChests –

Rei’s Minimap –

EE2 –

Mo’ Creatures –

Mods and Texture Packs that will add to the end-user experience (verified):

Ahoy Shaders – great place to find shader-compatible texture packs for the Ultra version of Glixyl’s Revenge client (these also compatible with the Ultra version of Mo’ SMP).

MAtmos Environmental Sound.  You must use version r12 for Minecraft 1.2.5 with this mod pack (on some systems sound problems are reported with the use of MAtmos) –

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