ENTROPY SINGLE PLAYER BETA2 RELEASE – lower resource requirements

Entropy is the measure of disorder within a system.  In other words, ‘things fall apart’.  In this mod pack for single player Minecraft, that is exactly what will happen.  You will need to run away from monsters, hostile land and sea creatures, keep hydrated and avoid the constant disasters plaguing your Minecraft world.

CaptainRob and I came up with the idea for this mod pack, so Hello to the CaptainRobGaming subscribers out there who are visiting.  CaptainRob did an eight video series called Glixyl MoSMP Greatness you should check out if you would like to watch a previous mod pack I created for multiplayer kill CaptainRob, Spitfire25565, Jaeplane and the rest of the gang; over and over again 🙂

Releasing BETA2 after I found that only powerful machines could handle generating all the disasters and structures.  Here is some more video of play testing on a very powerful machine with all the bells and whistles I can muster.  Live vicariously through my OC’d graphics workstation!

The download release is much easier on resources and uses a 32x texture pack.  If it still isn’t enough on your slow piece of crap computer, change the setting in /config/NaturalDisasters14 to Spawn_Tick=false or lower the frequency of disaster spawning in that config file.  🙂


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