Glixyl Plays Entropy Single Player on Hardcore Mode

In Minecraft, like many other games, playing in hardcore mode equates dying with the game being completely over.  I play my mod pack called Entropy on hardcore mode in the video below and will try to stay alive for a few episodes to showcase the mod pack and its features.

Entropy will throw hostile animals and monsters, from the sea, land and air at you without mercy.  Not to mention, the natural and unnatural disasters that will spawn around you.  Sometimes it will happen all at once, sometimes the game will give you a break.  It is random and I like my chaos that way.  There are extra dungeons, both massive and small, above and below ground with custom monsters and treasures.

You spawn into the world with only a canteen and must get to work gathering resources or raiding peaceful villages.  It is your choice to make, but make it quick because night is coming; if you can make it to the night-time that is…

<CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO SERIES, starting with episode 1>

I am making the final tweaks to this mod pack, but for now you can download BETA2 of Entropy for single-player Minecraft.

Watch all of the episodes on my YouTube channel.  I don’t monetize any of Glixyl’s stuff so I can keep my hobby fun for me.

<CLICK TO GO TO RELEASE PAGE>  << download there

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