Entropy – Single Player Survival Testing


The resources required to both create all the disasters and generate new structures was too much for most computers to handle.  To remedy this, either download BETA2 or delete /mods/BattleTowers AS and /mods/newDun v1.7

Also I switched back to 32x texture pack for better performance.  If you still have problems with performance required to generate the disasters, change this config setting to limit the amount of disasters in /config/NaturalDisasters14 to Spawn_Tick=true

INSTALL: Unzip the downloaded file and run the program called “Glixyl’s Entropy Installer.jar”.  Make sure your existing install has empty /mods and /config directories, or just delete your .minecraft directrory and start with a fresh copy of Minecraft 1.32.  If you have problems, please read through my posts below for more information on troubleshooting.

Some video of play testing Entropy SSP, which is a single player mod pack I am working on in the background.  It is pure chaos and you will need to do plenty of running away and hiding while staying both hydrated and well fed.  There are plenty of hostile land and sea creatures as well as monsters.  Train a horse and endow it with armor to help you out.  Make a grappling hook or use a warp arrow to ascend to places that are hard to get to..

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