Glixyl’s Revenge – BETA2 release

UPDATE 9/2/2012– final version is released in the post above, <click here>; but I have put the final downloads below as well.

Glixyl’s Revenge is shaping up to be quite a massive and dangerous mod pack, focused on exploration, questing and advanced building.  There are plenty of structures to explore in the Nether and overworld such as bandit fortresses, golem towers, lots of added dungeons and many hostile monsters.  For a larger server enviroment, there are lockable personal safes, force fields and other technologies to help players secure their gear and space from griefers.  Beware because the server is HARD mode by default and there are very few safe places to hide.

With 608 recipe rows and all the custom questing and creature content, this mod pack is quite a bit larger than Tekkit (to my pleasant surprise).  Check the mods below and the video showing features.  I will post YouTube links for mod explanations with the final release due to the crazy amount of mods and interaction between some of them.  You can also add custom content to a few of the mods so see the config and mod directories on the server and client for that..

BETA2 release contains the following mods:

ForgeAPI, DungeonPack v6, Railcraft, Forestry, Buildcraft, EE2, Better World Generation 3 (default and large biome modes only supported), IndustrialCraft2 with modular force fields, Mo’ Creatures with pre-configured spawns (ostrich disabled for stability), IC2 Nuclear Control, Netherrocks, Ropes+, Millenaire (with ability to make custom quests for your server and clients), MAtmos w/weapon expansion, QuickGuide, IronChests, SummerFields 32x, IronChests, Battle Towers, Rei’s Minimap.

DEFAULT KEYS: The F key switches IC2 tool mode and jet pack hover mode. M key opens mini-map options, C key sets waypoints. G key shows all recipes.
J is village key, B is quest key, V is related to EE2 items, F7 key for toggling MAtmos sound.  Check the config files and game control options for more.

DOWNLOAD and INSTALL: (click the link below to download in a new browser tab and right-click, save-as on the green box in the middle of the screen for best results)

<CLICK TO DOWNLOAD CLIENT> Unzip contents.  This client and server will install over an unmodified Minecraft 1.2.5, 1.3.1 or 1.3.2.  If you delete your /mods and /config folders first, it is possible to install this over a modified client as well.

<CLICK TO DOWNLOAD SERVER> Unzip contents.  The server will launch by running the start bat file.  If you have Java 6 instead of Java 7, change the bat file accordingly.  Make a new world and explore.

<CLICK TO DOWNLOAD ULTRA CLIENT>Shown in videos for powerful gaming and graphics workstations only (Windows.. maybe MacOS too).  You should allocate at least 2GB of RAM to Minecraft for the experimental client.

UPDATE: for those that have already downloaded and are having lag issues in multiplayer, you can delete the DungeonPackv6 from the client /mods directory, but leave it in place on the server.  I think that is making the client and server fight over generating the dungeons.  I have already updated the download for those who haven’t installed yet 🙂

Read my posts below and in the archives for more information about how to use/troubleshoot the auto-installer and tune Minecraft servers for best user experience using RAMDISK.

Suggested server settings for Revenge BETA2: 2 – 3GB of Java heap, 2GB or larger drive letter for RAMDISK with all the server files on the RAMDISK.  A product like DataRam RAMDISK is free for personal use and auto-backups to physical disk at a frequency you can configure.

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