Overrun by Ostriches? Here is the server config fix

UPDATE: Ostriches are not possible to completely disable as I have tested over and over again.  When you are next to/in the desert they will spawn.  I have read the source code and their spawn/despawn is broken..  v3.7.1 of Mo’ Creatures conflicts with so many of the other mods that I can’t put it in the pack.  My advice for both Mo’ SMP and Revenge that players kill the Ostriches on sight.. always.  Destroy eggs/etc.. as if they were a feature of the game to get rid of 🙂

Mo’ Creatures 3.6.2, which is part of the Glixyl MoSMP mod pack, has a bug where ostriches over-breed and a busy server will soon lag out.

CaptainRob alerted me to that fact today and I believe I have found a fix:

  1. If your server is OK (not locked up or completely lagged to the point of crashing because of ostriches), kill all the ostriches and skip to step 3.
  2. Remove the mod “DrZharks MoCreatures Server v3.6.2.zip” from the server /mods folder and copy it to another location (we will need it in step 5)
  3. You must obtain a guiconfig.properties file for Mo Creatures.  You can generate it yourself by making a single player game (using the Glixyl MoSMP client) and changing the Global Mod Options of Mo Creatures config so that ostriches don’t spawn often by setting “FreqOstrich=1” instead of its current setting of 4.  It will be saved to .minecraft/mods/mocreatures/guiconfig.properties.  You can also change other variables to your liking for monster and animal spawn now as well!  (fun for devious server owners)
  4. Create a “mocreatures” folder in your servers “mods” folder and copy the guiconfig.properties file there.  Skip to step 6.
  5. Add the mod “DrZharks MoCreatures Server v3.6.2.zip” to the server /mods folder
  6. Restart your server.

Since this mod pack is tied to an older version of forge, we can’t update to Mo’ Creatures 3.7.1 because of a Animal Bikes v2 dependency until all the mods are caught up on Minecraft 1.3.  Until then, apply this fix.

Please let me know of any issues with my mod pack by posting comments.

Here is a video showing the problem.

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