SonicEther’s Unbelievable Shaders v10 BETA – first look at water shaders!

Just made and edited this video highlighting SonicEther’s unbelievable shaders v10 BETA.  For a long time, people have wanted water shaders combined with other mods; especially SonicEther’s dynamic lights, shadows and other effects.

I was blown away by this mod when I was able to easily get it working against Glixyl MoSMP v3.3 and here is the footage!  Great work SonicEther!

I have packaged a new client used to make this video with the water shaders.  It should run on any modern gaming computer, but is experimental and there are some visual artifacts.  The texture pack is hard-coded because it is tied to the shader and is not my normal Glixyl MoSMP (KDS Photorealism) texture pack.

>DOWNLOAD FOR EXPERIMENTAL WATER SHADERS combined with Glixyl MoSMP.  This will install over top of any Glixyl MoSMP v3.3 client version and you can go back to the Lite client version by simply installing over it again.

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