Glixyl’s Entropy Mod Pack – RELEASED FOR SSP ONLY

<DOWNLOAD RELEASE>  <<download single player release for Minecraft

With most of the attention in the Minecraft modding world firmly on Forge mods nowadays, there is a rift in mod features and capabilities.  You see, Forge and ModloaderMP aren’t compatible.  In SMP that means Flan’s mods aren’t compatible with Mo’ Creatures, buildcraft and most other popular mods.

I was talking to CaptainRob the other day and we tossed around some ideas around about a chaotic environment with goals.  I read through the forums and looked for what was available.  Considering that I based Glixyl MoSMP off of powerful and popular Forge mods, I decided to give ModloaderMP a chance and put the Entropy mod together from ModloaderMP mods such as Battle Towers, Natural Disasters, Minecraft Minions, the Thirst mod and more.

Entropy can be defined as the measure of disorder in a system and I am hoping for plenty of it, balanced with reward to make things fun.

THEME:  Raid villages to survive while mother nature tries to kill you from thirst, hunger, meteorites, volcanoes and terrain monsters.  Run and hide, if you can!

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