Glixyl SMP for Minecraft 1.1: Flashback video and NEW server download

The Glixyl SMP mod pack for Minecraft 1.1 focused on advanced building and high-technology and featured beautiful trees and terrain mated to a great texture pack.

I am contemplating release of an updated version of this mod pack.  I find Tekkit to be a little too busy and this mod pack contained mods that aren’t found within Tekkit.

I never released a downloadable server component for Glixyl SMP for Minecraft 1.1 until now.

DOWNLOAD the original Glixyl minecraft pack and server:

Server – Glixyl SMP for Minecraft 1.1, version 0.5 -*NEW*-

Client – Works on Windows, MacOS and Linux – version 0.5 auto-installer for Minecraft 1.1 (also will install over most Minecraft 1.3 fresh installations – always backup your .minecraft directory before modding)

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