MoSMP v3.1 : bug fixes, updates and auto-installer download

I have updated the client and server to version 3.1 to take advantage of bug fixes and updates to the individual mods in this pack.

After private testing, this download is now available.  The server creates a new world on hard mode survival by default, which enables all of the MoCreatures monsters.  Flight is also enabled to allow the animal bikes capable of flying to operate.

The client and server should be given more memory than normal, which I have provided batch files for the Ultra client and the server to help with this.  I use 2-3GB of heap for both client (ultra) and server.


A couple of the item textures for the Netherrocks mod have visual artifacts.  Mainly the Darkstone armor set.

The Ultra client has visual artifacts while it is raining/snowing and sometimes underground with torches and it being dark.

DOWNLOAD:  (Find the newest version in the post above.  I have removed the links to 3.1 so that people would download the proper version)

NOTE** I do not support this pack and this is only for a small group of hobbyists.  Back up your data.  I take no responsibility if you delete your computer on accident or something 🙂

INSTALL: (Windows 7- Ultra version untested on MacOS, Linux)  – please backup your %appdata%/.minecraft directory to preserve prior content if you need it.

Client – Unzip the contents to a directory.  Run the program called “MoSMPv3.1 Installer.jar” over an untouched copy of Minecraft 1.2.5 client.  It will unpack and repack your jar and mod dirs/configs.

Server – Unzip the contents to a directory.  Run the batch file called “start – java…” for your java version you have installed.  For Linux and Mac, launch the server as per OS instructions.  (check the Minecraft wikis)

LIST OF MODS located below in the MoSMP post.  All of these mods are from mediafire and I have just rearranged them to make them work together for a small group of friends.  Please do not distribute these files and do not ask for help for this installer on any forums as no one will help you, including me.  If you want to update any of this, please download the mods from the mod creator websites themselves so that they may receive the AdFly revenue.  All credit goes to the mod creators listed below.

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