Glixyl’s MoSMP version 3.2 for Minecraft 1.2.5 – auto-installer and server download

***** Glixyl MoSMP v3.3 is released and fixes a few problems with MoSMP v3.2.  It is suggested that you download v3.3 instead *****

Glixyl’s MoSMP version 3.2 for Minecraft 1.2.5 has been released in both Lite and Ultra versions and an auto-installer is available for download.  A ready-to-run server is also available for multiplayer.  You should allocate at least 2GB of RAM of heap for both client and server to keep things running smoothly.  There is roughly triple the content of regular Minecraft in this pack with 4 – 50 times better graphics depending on Ultra vs Lite on various settings.

MODS:  Equivalent Exchange 2, MoCreatures, Twilight Forest, Optifine, MC Forge, CraftGuide/Quickguide, Jammy’s Furniture Mod, ModLoader, AudioMod, Rei’s Minimap, SonicEther’s Unbelievable Shaders, Simple Ores, Netherrocks, IronChests, Inventory Tweaks, MAtmos sound enhancements, Animal Bikes and HD texture pack add-ons already packed for various included mods.

DOWNLOADS:  (Same download for Windows, MacOS and Linux) — MoSMP v3.3 is released, only download v3.2 if you NEED to connect to a v3.2 server that hasn’t yet upgraded.

MoSMP v3.2.1 Ultra client for powerful computers (updated with waving trees and grass bugfix sorry)/ experimental – tested on Windows 7 with NVidia GTX 580.  (v3.2 Ultra version is still downloadable here without waving trees and the extra eye candy if people can’t run v3.2.1 due to performance issues)

MoSMP v3.2 Lite Client for most computers – tested on Windows / MacOS, good performance by default on most modern computers and laptops with great graphics and sound as compared to default Minecraft.

MoSMP v3.2 Server – ready-to-run and auto-generates a random world, nether and twilight dimension.

NOTE** I do not support this pack or promote this with the exception of a small group of hobbyists.  Back up your data.  I take no responsibility if you mess up your computer because I have tested the install process on many computers with varying operating systems without issue.

INSTALL: please backup your %appdata%/.minecraft directory to preserve prior content if you need it.  It is best to start from a fresh or unmodified Minecraft 1.2.5 copy, which is the current release.

Client – Unzip the contents to a directory.  Run the program called “MoSMPv3.2 Installer.jar” over an untouched copy of Minecraft 1.2.5 client.  It will unpack and repack your jar and mod dirs/configs.

Server – Unzip the contents to a directory.  Run the batch file called “start – java…” for your java version you have installed.  For Linux and Mac, launch the server as per OS instructions.  (check the Minecraft wikis)

PERFORMANCE TWEAKS: If you are having trouble running either the Ultra or Lite client, lower the graphics settings and/or use a lower resolution texture pack.  You can install the Ultra over the Lite and back again if you want to play around with the settings.  There is also a Lite shader option for the Ultra client included that you can copy over the /shader directory within %appdata%/.minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar.  My computer is a beast so the Ultra client was configured for high-performance workstations with top tier video cards… no XBOX 360 graphics here 🙂

SERVER PERFORMANCE TWEAKS: see a previous post of mine about using a RAMDISK or SSD to run all of the server files.  The Minecraft file system loves to be fast.  Chests will open quicker and other mechanics will improve player experience.

HINTS/STRATEGY/THEME: Fantasy mod pack with end-game content.  Use the ‘G’ key ingame to look at all the recipes.  The Twilight Forest dimension contains boss monsters.  The washing machine in Jammy Furniture mod will repair normal minecraft armor.  A furniture mod sink will allow you to fill buckets forever.  The Nether is more interesting in MoSMP because of extra ores and also because some of the MoCreatures monsters also spawn there now.

LINKS TO MODS located below in the MoSMPv3 post.  All of these mods are from AdFly/Mediafire and I have just rearranged them to make them work together for a small group of friends.  Please do not distribute these files and do not ask for help for this installer on any forums as no one will help you, including me.  If you want to ask me via comment here, however, that is OK.

If you want to update any of this, please download the mods from the mod creator websites themselves so that they may receive the AdFly revenue.  All credit goes to the actual mod creators, which I have listed in the YouTube video as part of this post and below.

4 thoughts on “Glixyl’s MoSMP version 3.2 for Minecraft 1.2.5 – auto-installer and server download

  1. im having some issues with your modpack on a couple computers. I couldnt figure out who to “install” the client side .jar file you have so i had to do it all manual by moving files into the neccessary folders in .minecraft and it ran good for about 10 mins. however now even in single player however 2 out of the 3 of the computers are getting errored out now causing a java error. Running out of memory and cant create core dumps. Etc. Ive never run into this problem as both computers have plenty of ram and dedicated graphics cards but would like to get this modpack running smoothly. How exactly do i install the .jar file over a client? ive tried drag and drop but doesnt seem to work like that either. Thanks

    • Right click the installer.jar file and select ‘open with -> Java (TM) Platform SE Binary’. Try both the lite and ultra version of the client if you are having problems. I have tested this client on both single player and SMP, on MacOS and Windows 7 on various computers. The ultra client can be a bear though. I posted a screenshot about how to run the install like I say above in the post.

  2. Also- I have included a .bat file in the client download. You can copy that .bat file to the same place as your Minecraft.exe (launcher) and it will assign 2GB of RAM. I was thinking about your symptoms, and you probably don’t have enough memory allocated. If you want to know how to do this without using my .bat file, watch this YouTube video.

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