Glixyl MoSMPv3 Private Release – Kreulon Revisited

MoSMP v3Glixyl MoSMP v3 has been released for Minecraft 1.2.5.

The client has an auto-installer that installs cleanly over top of Minecraft 1.2.5.

The server is set to auto-build a new world with the mod support as well as player and cave mapping for the minimap.

Those that play on our multiplayer server, please connect to port 54321.  Kreulon Revisited is running there with a copy of the map as it existed last year.

The Lowe’s Revisited server running Tekkit will remain online.  I will maintin both the current/going forward version of Tekkit and my own MoSMP mod (this mod on server Kreulon).

UPDATE : 6/2 – Glixyl MoSMPv3.2 is out.  The prior files were removed in favor of the new, bug tested ones.

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