Glixyl MoSMPv3- Minecraft 1.2.5:Mo’ Creatures, Furniture, Dimensions, Bikes, Ores and Shaders!

I haven’t been playing games lately and instead have been focusing on being creative and writing quite a bit.  However my son recently asked me to put together a new Minecraft pack based off of 1.2.5 when we saw that MoCreatures was released in beta form.

To that end, I will release Glixyl MoSMP for Minecraft 1.2.5 that is based off of a modified vanilla client and server.  The centerpiece of this mod is multiplayer MoCreatures, but I added a lightweight version of SonicEther’s Unbelievable Shaders.  In addition to those, the Twilight Forest Dimension has been added which contains glaciers, boss monsters, fireflies you can catch and put in display jars, penguins, rams and other creatures specific to the new dimension.


MoCreatures by DrZhark – adds snakes, jellyfish, stingrays, manta rays, sharks, dolphins, various fish, deer, goats, werewolves, ogres, wraith, crocodiles, turtles, mice, rats, lions, polar and brown bear, boars, bunnies, foxes, varieties of birds and more.

Jammy’s Furniture Mod – adds various furniture and appliances for looks and some function.

Forge – client and server mod allowing most of these other mods to operate together in multiplayer and single player.  ModloaderMP isn’t a part of this mod pack because most people are moving away from it and I wanted this mod pack to be clean.

Modloader – mod loader

SonicEther’s Unbelievable Shaders – adds dynamic lighting, shadows, motion blur and depth of field for greatly increased immersion.

Twilight Forrest Dimension – adds another dimension with its own creatures, mazes, fortresses, powerful items and boss mobs.

Animal Bikes – adds craftable transportation such as a squid bike and dino bike.

SimpleOres – adds ores such as copper, silver, mithril.  Custom armor, tool and weapon recipes.

Netherrocks – adds 6 ores to the nether with weapons and armor that are craftable from them.

MAtmos– this mod adds atmospheric sounds that add quite a bit of realism to the game.

Rei’s Minimap – multiplayer in-game map with dynamic lighting, waypoints, deathpoints and player/cave entity mapping, options accessed via ‘M’ key

CraftGuide/Quickguide – in-game recipe book accessed by pressing the ‘G’ key

Inventory Tweaks – automatic sorting of inventory, replenish tools in bar, etc.

IronChests – adds larger capacity chests and a transparent crystal display case.

Mo Creatures HD texture addon, SimpleOres HD texture addon

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